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in the details

A depiction of sustainable design, the hacienda was constructed mainly of historic materials recovered from Mexican haciendas and churches too old to restore. Ancient stone, wood, and iron building materials, along with antique furnishings and period décor, were hand selected to add character and history, evoking the feel of a genuine hacienda during the post-classic era in the Bahía de Banderas region. Built by local workers using time-honored construction techniques, the estate has become an integral part of the community.

Every aspect of Hacienda Antigua has a story that is rich with culture:

  • The hand-carved stone entryway, recovered from an aging church in Guadalajara, holds a pair of 200- year-old Zacatecan doors which lead to a foyer illuminated by antique Moroccan lights.
  • Articulately chiseled paving stones cover the foyer and living area floors and extend out into the courtyard. Dating back to the 18th century, these stones were recovered from a street in Delores Hidalgo and relocated to Hacienda Antigua.
  • The courtyard’s rose cantera arches were reclaimed from a 200-year-old hacienda in the farmland outside of Tepititlan, Jalisco. The once prosperous hacienda, passed down through generations of family, was eventually abandoned, looted, and left in ruins. The arches still stood in the crumbling adobe structure when they were recovered to adorn Hacienda Antigua’s courtyard.
  • The jewel of the courtyard, a 40-foot pool, features a hand carved stone fountain recovered from a charming old restaurant in Puerto Vallarta just prior to demolition.
  • The upstairs cantina, with its antique Guadalajaran bar and a railing fashioned from an antique church banister, is supported by a unique wooden floor crafted from railroad ties acquired in San Miguel de Allende.
  • The kitchen countertops are solid slabs of natural hardwood native to the state of Guanajuato, and a retired church pulpit has been converted into a media cabinet in the adjoining living area. Even the parota windows and doors have historic ties to the Mexico of yesterday.

Designed and constructed to look as though it has been thriving for 500 years, Hacienda Antigua offers an authentic taste of Mexico with five-star accommodations, features, and amenities. Take a trip back in time to this old-world style hacienda that offers every modern convenience.